Thursday, December 11, 2008

Assignment: Why I can't attend a reading

Why I can't write a blog about my attending a poetry or prose reading, especially one in New York City, where I'm sure the readings are more interesting than those held at the local bookstore in suburban New Jersey. Well, technically my opening remark is not necessarily true. I'm sure I could write about it, but it would be complete fiction. Hey, we're writers! If we don't have first-hand experience with something, we can just make it up and if we are any good at what we do 9-out-of-10 people would be none the wiser. However, I'm a big proponent of truth, which is why I can never imagine myself working in journalism. Therefore, here are my reasons for not being able to complete the original assignment of blogging about a reading I attended:

This is a night class and like most students who sign up for night classes, I work full-time during the day and can barely make time to attend the class, never mind attending anything additional outside of class hours. While I understand the value to us as writers to go see a "pro" in their native environment, for me at least, time is a luxury that is in very short supply. To be able to take a day to travel into the city to attend a reading, or even part of a day to attend one locally, is unfortunately not a realistic expectation of a night-class student. Between commuting time, working hours, and other adult responsibilities to home and family, it's simply not a realistic expectation. And that's just the aspect of time.

Then there's the financial component. Between transportation costs such as fuel and tolls, parking, food, drink, and finally admission to the event, this is a rather spendy proposition when all is said and done and whether we're full-time students or full-time employees with families, this is no small inconvenience, and for some is simply not financially possible.

This kind of assignment really needs to be relegated to the realm of extra-credit, and not a requirement that can adversely affect the student's grade if unable to be completed.

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  1. Hmmmm. As you know, not attending a reading won't adversely affect your grade, but you'd really love it.

    Maybe next time.